New Believer Concepts, by its “pre-discipleship plan”, is changing the way churches follow up on new believers! The plan calls for eight follow-up lessons with new believers in the first eight weeks. The lessons are taught in a weekly one-on-one setting. These contacts prepare new believers to embrace the church’s discipleship ministries.


Training for this pre-discipleship ministry is now available on DVD. The workshop may be ordered by clicking the “Workshop on DVD” adjacent link.

Over the last decade it is estimated that 5 million were won to Christ in the Assemblies of God, yet growth was 190,000! (Figures reported at 2008 No. Calif/ Nev District Council).

We know that the mandate from Jesus was to make disciples of all converts. Many churches offer effective discipleship training yet the statistics do not lie. Nationally, retention of new believers is less than 4%. Clearly something is misssing. New Believer Concepts provides one answer: Pre-Discipleship. This is a plan of providing eight one-on-one weekly Bible studies with new believers. The lessons are designed to explain the importance of embracing disicpleship. The lessons teach a clear understanding of the gospel, how to start a prayer life, the importance of church attendance and an introduction to Bible study.

New Believer Concepts changes common concepts of retaining new believers because follow up is strategically removed from the clergy and put in the hands of the laity in one-on-one studies!

The training provided by New Believer Concepts helps churches to evangelize the Sunday morning visitor, perhaps one of the most neglected mission fields in America. This process begins days after the visitor’s first-time visit and continues for weeks after.

Pre-discipleship of New Believer Concepts uses a unique “16/8 Plan.”  Here are its components:

A. A leader or director of follow up is trained by New Believer Concepts using the DVDs in the workshop kit. He orchestrates a plan to privately touch the new believer a minimum of 16 times in the first 8 weeks.

B.  The leader calls the new believer once a week to assess needs and schedule follow-up appointments with trained lay workers.  Eight calls are made weekly for eight weeks.

C. Lay people are trained to meet with new believers privately and teach the follow-up material. Eight private lessons are taught during the first eight weeks.

D. Follow-up lessons have been field tested on thousands of new believers.  The materials have been specifically designed to benefit new believers and are presented to new believers by trained lay workers.  According to former Assemblies of God Superintendent Glen Cole of the No. Calif./Nev District, these lessons are “simple yet profound.”

When churches place a focus on evangelism, whether it be a Sunday service altar call or a large outreach event, it is helpful that a pre-discipleship plan be utilized. This is a strategic and effective follow-up ministry. Many churches report great disappointment with their ability to retain converts.  In reality, a pre-discipleship plan must already be in place and functioning long before the altar call or outreach event.

New Believer Concepts can provide training for an effective and functional pre-discipleship ministry.  The program utilizes  the unique “16/8 Plan” and is extremely effective in retaining new believers. Click the various links to learn more.